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Megan Young (b. 1966, UK)
Welcome! I am a watercolour artist living close to Hamsterley Forest in the heart of the scenic Durham Dales of Northern England. I enjoy painting detailed landscapes, seascapes and wildlife, taking inspiration from the local British countryside.

I was born in Scotton, a small village in Yorkshire, and have lived in the North of England for the majority of my life. As a child I would spend hours drawing and making things and even now I am happiest when working on a painting or craft project. I am constantly looking for inspiration for my next painting and often a walk in the Dales, along the coast or through the forest, seeing the beauty, complexity and colours of nature, will generate new ideas.

For me, starting a painting is the hardest task, facing a blank sheet of paper can feel like a challenge in itself! But once I start drawing and see the picture begin to form I go into my own world, oblivious to anything else. When in the flow of creativity art has the power to engage you so fully that you become totally unaware of time or other events around you.

I have experimented with a variety of media but always come back to watercolour. I admire the loose, quick drying properties and the way it allows the artist to manipulate the paint. I love combining thin translucent washes with fine detail, delicately blending colours until satisfied with the final image, knowing there is nothing more to add.

My artwork has been displayed in many galleries, county shows, and art fairs throughout Britain, winning prizes for detail and veracity. I am an international selling artist with many of my paintings and prints now held in private collections in France, America, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Our physical world, respect and explore , Where water meets land, a beautiful shore.
Mountains we conquer, look down in awe , If you're an artist, make sure you draw.